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What do you need from Qt and HTML5?

  • HTML5 brings both weird and wonderful new options to application development. The trick when writing documentation is knowing the difference between the two and writing more about the useful and wonderful options, and less about the weird but pretty cool ones.

    That brings me to my main point that is that we need suggestions to what kind of content you need us to cover. *What is a relevant use case for you? *

  • I am not aware of how and to what extent HTML5 will be supported in Qt. In documentation I would like to know different approaches on how HTML5 can be used in Qt apps. Can it be used for UI/UX, if so how - different ways it can be used.

    How to create quick wrt apps using HTML5. Can simple games or utility can be made using HTML5 - if yes then some sample app exploring these features.

  • I think Game stuff is one of the main areas of interest in HTML5, so Web Sockets, the canvas and animations will be specially interesting.

    Other application types will also benefice from Web Sockets, canvas and animations, but in my opinion simple games are more fun to learn with.

  • Morten, I'm not sure if I understand the question. Do you mean support of the HTML5 spec in Webkit in general, or the particular parts of the specification (if any) that relate to Qt Webkit? That is, features as a web browser engine.

    Or do you mean something that is more related to using Qt Webkit as a framework for hybrid applications and/or the web runtime?

    All this concepts become each day more and more blurry, I suppose. :)

  • The two big things that I'm aware of that have come up for us (ICS) to date are good (read, "reasonable performance") HTML5 video support, and efficient mixing of Qt widgets and WebView. I know it's possible now, but it's not terribly well documented, it's somewhat tricky to do, and there are some major limitations (or at least, I've not figured out the correct way to do it in order to make everything work).

  • The most important thing for me has been fast css transitions, hardware acceleration whenever possible. Geolocation api and offline storage is also quite high on my list.

  • As suggested above HTML5 video support and using it with Qt to create text overlays and examples demo of streaming and viewing content.

  • Hah - apparently the Trolls already "beat me to that punch":, and I missed it.

  • Being an OpenGL developer, I'd of course love to see something on WebGL.

  • Some tips and examples on porting games and applications from Flash, Java Fx and silverlight would be appreciated.

  • [quote author="GordonSchumacher" date="1292048345"]Hah - apparently the Trolls already "beat me to that punch":, and I missed it.[/quote]

    You guys (ICS) actually helped us write those examples, mainly the imageanalyzer :)

  • HTML5 audio and video support still does not work on Windows with Qt 4.8. It would be nice if the Trolls could fix this ASAP.

  • Also Java applets and WebGL don't work. And graphics is pixelated during animation since 4.8.

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