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Opengl ES with Qt/Wince

  • Hello!
    I have Qt 4.8.2 (opensource) compiled by Wince 6.0/Opengl-es and VS2008.
    Then build HelloOpengl-es project from Qt examples and deploy it to Wince device, I see some problem.... <--- I'm trying to build this project.
    And want to see something like this

    But 'glwidget' with my dymanic picture is as if stuck to the top left corner of the screen and will not fit in tablebox.
    So, I see just a 'glwidget' and HorisontalSlider in the bottom of the screen.

    in the "main.cpp" I do: mw.showFullScreen();

    !!!!!!embarrassed that it is not implemented GLWidget::resizeGL(int width, int height)!!!!!!!!!! does it right?

  • Hello again!

    Then I tried to create my wince form look like form from last example, see now a new problem.
    I added layout to MainFormWidget and 'glwidget' was added to the layout.
    Form is correct. Menu, TableBox, Slider is correct.

    But!! Place in layout is empty (see desktop). And my 'glwidget' is work in the upper left corner of screen :-(
    Look like if he cut...

  • Maybe there are some extensions used in Qt doesn't support in your device.

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