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[solved] automatically anchor elements when phone rotates

  • Hello,

    I created a new Qt Widget Project -> Mobile Qt Application and want to automatically apply this code to anchor the pushbutton always when the phone rotates (I have ScreenOrientationAuto, btw.)

    @ui->pushButton->setGeometry(0,0,ui->centralWidget->width(),ui->centralWidget->height() / 2);@

    Thank you

  • If you are using QWidgets, then this is the wrong forum:-)

    QWidgets can to do the anchoring that QML does. You can archive this effect using a layout though.

  • Yes, I am using QWidgets in this project now.

    Can you tell me a forum to ask about Layout for anchoring ?
    Edit: I now found the layout thing in the designer, but I still need a forum to ask questions about things conserning QWidget.

  • Moved to Mobile & Embedded (although it could have been General/Desktop.)

  • Can I also work with ratios, like if I have two parts, that the first part takes 80% and the rest 20% ? How to set that ?

  • "Layouts":/doc/qt-4.8/layout.html will give you the functionality you're looking for. (Look at "Stretch Factors" for percentage widths.)

  • This looks appropiate. Thanks for the help, and now I also know where to find the forum.

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