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Qt Embedded on ARM processor and Angstrom OS

  • Hello everybody,

    I try to start some applications on my target.
    My host has Ubuntu 10.10 and my target has Angstrom (arm7 processor).

    I have cross-compiled qt with the source code 4.7.3. Qt Embedded 4.7.3 is installed in the target with opkg (it is the last version on opkg: the "apt -get" on Angstrom).

    I can launch simple applications written in the main and it is possible to comunicate with these applications:

    • a big button with Helloword written
    • a form

    But when i launched a project more complex, i have this :

    ./zeroclassgenerator: symbol lookup error: /zeroclassgenerator: undefined symbol: _ZN7QWidget8qwsEvenEP8QWSEvents

    I think it is because the program don't find the QWidget library

    I have an error when i launched an other application (i put the dir of Qt library on the .pro file):

    QWSSocket::connectToLocalFile could not connect:: No such file or directory
    No Qt for Embedded Linux server appears to be runing.
    If you want to run this program as a server
    add the "-qws" command line options.

    When i put the "-qws" option, i have got my program with a green screen. It is the Qt virtual buffer. When i cross compiled, i havent put the driver options so i suppose it is for this reason i cannot communicate with the program.

    I have some little questions :

    Can i use the can bus port with the virtual frame buffer (with the library for)?
    Is it possible to launch a program with the linux embedded on opkg (it is the Angstrom's apt get)
    Why can i launch a program more simple and no a program more complex?

    Thanks to ask me :) and sorry for my english

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