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anyone got qt oauth2 working on mobile device ?

  • Hello Folks

    Bit stuck and not sure which route to take...
    I need to authenticate and obtain tokens via oauth2 to enable app to make calls to restlets and pull out data.

    Currently I have a compiled and have working oauth2test desktop app.... but I'll not be able to compile it for Android or iOS as it uses qwebengine to intercept and change the callback url midflight. (service is specifically not allowing http:// callbacks and must be https, own schema, or plain)

    I can see 2 ways out of this;

    1. modify QOAuthHttpServerReplyHandler so include ssl bits.

    2. possibly register apps own url schema to each of the platforms and somehow let QOAuthHttpServerReplyHandler handle it.

    Has anyone done this? or is there another way I have not seen/thought of yet ?

    Thanks in advance


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