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How to see Valgrind analyzer command line in QTCreator

  • Hi.

    I am using the "Valgrind Memory Analyzer" tool of QTCreator and I would like to see the exact valgrind command that is being run whenever I use this tool.
    Is there a place to see all the commands printed or something like that? I did not manage to find such a thing. I would expect to see it around the "Application Output, General Messages...." toolbar, but couldn't find this.

    Thank you in advance

  • @galb1994
    When you run it it's shown in the Application Output pane at the bottom, like:

    valgrind --child-silent-after-fork=yes --xml-socket= --log-socket= --xml=yes --smc-check=stack --tool=memcheck --gen-suppressions=all --track-origins=yes --leak-check=summary --num-callers=25 /home/jon/AtH/debug/AtH

  • HI @JonB, thank you for your response.
    Can it be that this is some matter of "verbosity" in QTCrator that I can set? Because under Application Output, the only message I see that is related to the Valgrind run is:
    Analyzing memory of <program name>
    Analyzing finished.


  • @galb1994
    I believe everything of mine in Creator is on whatever the defaults are. I do assume you are Linux and not Win/Mac? I will be on whatever Creator comes with Ubuntu 20.04 apt-get (unless I fetch it myself, I forget).