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Multiple windows application with Qt-Widgets/Designer- best method

  • I'm interested in developing an application with multiple windows, where each window could be sized similar to the way that windows are sized, turned on and off, and placed within QtCreator itself. I would also like to include an animation via Qt 3D that would be manipulated according to settings within the other windows.

    I am guessing that QtQuick would be able to control the animation. I don't know if Qt Designer widgets within the larger Qt IDE package would be able to. So I wonder if someone could direct me in that respect.

    Regarding the multiple window preference that I like, I wonder what would be better QtQuick/QML or Qt Designer or if it could be accomplished in either technology. I am inclined more towards QtQuick/QML as the technology seems newer, but I can't seem to find any documentation/tutorials that implement this multiple window strategy.

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    @stdave said in Multiple windows application with Qt-Widgets/Designer- best method:

    placed within QtCreator itself

    Do you mean you want to extend QtCreator?

  • No. I'd just like to design an application with several windows that each size and interact with another. The application itself would be a control panel for a completely different purpose.

  • I thing the "Main Window" example gives me a good start on this. I'll start there.

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