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Qt widget update

  • Hi everone. Im trying to learn update issue of a widget. I want to ask something. What is the main difference between




    I have some progress bar on my group box, ı want to update them. What if im updating the widget or updating the group box

  • @suslucoder

    ui->groupBoxA->update(); calls update() on ui->groupBoxA. QWidget::update(); calls update() on whatever this is.

    As we have said before, you should not find you are needing to use update() at all. You would be best served by producing a minimal example where you claim it is necessary, for people to look at....

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @suslucoder The first one calls update() on the widget where it is called (same as this->update() except the widget overrides update() - in that case the base implementation is called).
    Second one calls update() on groupBox.
    This are C++ basics, nothing Qt related.

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