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Problem with CODA install

  • I have some problem with install CODA on my Nokia N8.
    I am from Russia and it's hard to me to discribed what error is happend. CODA just doesn't want to install on my phone(((
    OVI Suite writing error code: 2148532241, but i didn't find any answers.
    I try to re-install QtSDK, try different version of CODA, try to re-install OS on phone - nothing helps me.

    Can you help me?
    Or maybe I can use any other program or start my app without CODA?

    P.S. I also have Nokia 5530 and all works fine on it.

  • I solved this problem by myself! ))) I just install App trk (I think it's allready installed...) on my device and all is work now.

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