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opensource boot2qt qtcreator kit with no device or qt version

  • Hi, I've successfully built a boot2qt image for raspberrypi3 with Qt 6.0.1 and it's toolchain but, because I'm an opensource user, the script to configure qtcreator didn't work, the kit has no device or qt version, now I don't know exactly what I should do. When I manually create a new Kit there is no correct version for raspberry pi, do I need to build qt6.0.1 for raspberry pi cross compilation and then deploy my app to the boot2qt image? I'm using Ubuntu 20.10Captura de ecrã de 2021-02-08 12-52-07.png

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    I think boot2qt is available only under commercial license. You should not be using it as open source user at all:

    Qt for Device Creation is licensed under the Qt Enterprise commercial license.

    Maybe I'm wrong though.

  • Well the meta is available for all users, enhanced support is only available for commercial users correct, but I think building an image and using it for personal use is allowed, correct me if I'm wrong, if I shouldn't use it, why could I do it?

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    @pereira98 said in opensource boot2qt qtcreator kit with no device or qt version:

    correct me if I'm wrong,

    As said, I don't know. Check the license file which should be somewhere in code.

    And if license file is missing, you can't use it (because copyright!). If you have a link put it here please and I'll take a look.

    if I shouldn't use it, why could I do it?

    Sometimes it's easier to put something online for consistency reasons, than it is to keep it secret. But that does not change the law: if a license file is present, it should be followed (how? Depends on what is written inside). If it is not there, then the code is fully copyrighted and cannot be used by anybody for any reason, without written permission from the owner.

  • I think you're right, I thought I could since I'm using qt open source and yocto is also open source, here are relevant links

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    Hm, looks like if you build it yourself, you could use it under GPL v3 - so your code will need to be GPL v3 as well. Not sure though, I don't know if this license applies to boot2qt as such or to products create with it (or both - most probably that's the case). Best ask Qt Company for clarification.

    If your goal is just to cross-compile Qt for Raspberry Pi, you don't need boot2qt at all.

  • my goal was to test performance of boot2qt vs raspbian, since I want my raspberry just for my app, it will boot and go straight to my app. Since boot2qt is a custom image to run Qt apps I thought it was my best option. Thanks for your time!

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