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Qt cannot find the header files

  • Hi All,

    I'm running a simple code using libigl (a simple geometry library) and Eigen libraries. So, I added their paths in the .pro file by

    INCLUDEPATH += "[mypath]/C_libraries/libigl/include" 
    INCLUDEPATH += "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen/Eigen"

    The above paths are the libraries' directories. All the header files are available in the mentioned paths. But when I trying following code, Qt cannot find header files:

    #include <igl/cotmatrix.h>
    #include <Eigen/Dense>
    #include <Eigen/Sparse>
    #include <iostream>
    int main()
      Eigen::MatrixXd V(4,2);
      Eigen::MatrixXi F(2,3);
      Eigen::SparseMatrix<double> L;
      std::cout<<"Hello, mesh: "<<std::endl<<L*V<<std::endl;
      return 0;

    Qt can find first header (cotmatrix.h from igl), but for next one I got following error:

    error: Eigen/Dense: No such file or directory
    12 | #include <Eigen/Dense>
    | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~

    could you please let me know why does it happen? How can I resolve it?
    I'm using Ubuntu 20.4 on iMac machine.

  • Do you have "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen/Eigen/Eigen/Dense" file? (That's three eigen OMG...)
    I think your include path might should be "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen"

  • @Bonnie Hi, that's not three eigen. It's "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen/Eigen/Dense". Yes, its available in the mentioned directory. I tried "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen", but it cannot find the header files.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Hassan-math You should try with "[mypath]/C_libraries" as it is trying to include "#include <Eigen/Dense>"...

  • @jsulm I tried, but it doesn't work. Same error...

  • @Hassan-math said in Qt cannot find the header files:

    It's "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen/Eigen/Dense".

    Then it should be "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen".
    Rerun qmake after you modify the .pro file, better also clean and rebuild.

    If you use "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen/Eigen" as include path, then you should only

    #include <Dense>
    #include <Sparse>

    But this will have problems if the header files includes <Eigen/xx> in themselves.

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    @Hassan-math You should do a complete clean rebuild after changing pro file: delete build folder, run qmake and build.

  • @jsulm and @Bonnie Thank you. Yes, it works. When I rebuilt it, it's resolved. The path "[mypath]/C_libraries/eigen" works for me...

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