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What is the most practical way of creating GUI deployable applications using PySide2/PySide6?

  • Hi All,

    I am new to Qt and I am here because I want to design a GUI for my python program. I don't know much of C++ and thus I want to use PySide for the GUI creation. I went through the documentation and various methods available for making a UI that can further be used. Two main methods I found are using Qt Designer and Qt Design Studio. If I am not completely wrong, Qt Designer creates .UI files and are further converted to python code, Qt Design Studio creates .qml files which can directly be integrated into the program.

    Qt Design studio sounds very nice and it looks like one can design a better-looking GUI using Qt Design Studio, but I cannot find any documentation about how to integrate it into the program, especially how to handle signals, etc. Can you please tell me what is the best way forward. Which is a better option of two? and if Qt Design Studio is a better option, can someone point me towards documentation, tutorials, books, etc. for Qt Design Studio and PySide?

    Thanks a lot

  • @Sdutt
    I'd start by Googling qt design studio vs qt creator and read through some of the hits before you decide.

  • @Sdutt I am also new to Qt, I began a new project just this week using qt6 / PySide6. If you use Qt Creator, many of its default project templates are geared towards creating a Qt Widget app, with perhaps some form.ui that can be designed in Qt Designer. I wanted to use QtQuick / QML right from the start and rely on it entirely for my project.

    Qt Design Studio is perfect for my needs there, I just want to use it to iterate on the interface, and it has just enough python support (you can specify a path to an executable in a virtualenv and it also supports the python language server protocol) to be useful. It can be used to edit any qml file, but it most often expects you to use its design view on ui.qml files.

    I picked up a book called 'Getting started with QtQuick' by Paolo Sereno on Kindle. I haven't quite figured out how to get my project to run on windows yet, but it works fine on linux, so I suspect there is some environmental issue at play there. Here's a link to the project: https://github.com/awillis/sozu-tmt

    Hope this helps you figure out what you need.

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