Stream video from raspberry pi to Qt app on another raspberry pi

  • Hi, I'm developing app in which I would like to have camera preview. GUI will displayed on raspberry orginal display (for now I'm testing on Windows 10).
    My question is what tool (protocol or what it is called) do you recommend to use for streaming and how to recive it in Qt?
    I don't really have any special requirements - it can be even 1 fps but if it would be possible i would like to add image processing (finding chicken egg) later in time.
    Sorry if I wrote something not right but it is my first post. Also sorry for my english - it isn't my mother tongue.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can use GStreamer for that. You can start the server on your Pi and then connect your application remotely and locally to it.

  • Could you be more specific what tools should I use?
    Can I launch stream from raspberry using GStreamer like every tutorial shows and then watch it in Qt app?
    If I can, how should i do it? I've been reading something about QtGStreamer and that is included in Qt Multimedia. Is this right direction?

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    You can start your GStreamer pipeline either in the command line or using the GStreamer API.

    QtGStreamer is now unmaintained and was never part of QtMultimedia. There is a plugin for Qt in one of the plugin packages.

    Note that with recent versions of Qt, you can use custom GStreamer pipelines through the QMediaPlayer class.

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