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How to display output from Qt Android service process in QtCreator?

  • How to display output from Qt Android service in QtCreator (qDebug() and Log.i() messages) in QtCreator?
    'Application output' shows output from main process but service runs in different process.

  • @morte
    QtService seems to be a wrapper for Linux demons or Windows services. By definition you won't be able to access any output it produces, since it's in a quite separate process and any output it produces will go elsewhere (probably nowhere). It would be more usual for any output a service wants to produce to go to a file/the system's "event log", but that is done within the service.

  • @JonB I have not specified, QtService for Android (part of QtAndroidExtras), its different process, but maybe its possible somehow to attach it's output

  • It's not implemented currently on Qt Creator 4.12/4.13.
    Created bugreport with suggestion to add that feature https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-24496

  • @morte
    Good luck for them choosing or being able to do anything about it. Since, as you say, the service is running in a separate process I don't think you'll get the debug output from that process while you are debugging your main process....

  • @JonB QtCreator probably takes all output from logcat, what needed is to modify logcat filters that QtCreator output windows uses or add additional output window with own filters for separate process

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