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undefined reference to « operator delete(void, unsigned long)@Qt_5

  • Hello everyone !

    I’m french so sorry if i do mistakes in English ! ^^’
    I’m a student in internship and for my internship I need to code in the file of the project of my teacher.
    But before that, I need to compile the project of my teacher.
    This project use MITK, VTK, ITK, CTK and Qt.
    I had some errors which I managed to correct during compilation.
    Now, i have an error that I don’t understand and I don’t know how correct that to finish the compilation

    Capture d’écran du 2020-06-27 18-42-56.png

    The problem here in the picture is with a library of a MITK in relation with Qt I suppose ?
    But the compilation of MITK went well.
    We can see “collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status” so it is a problem of a link and the librarry libMitkAppUtil but I don’t what, I don’t why and I don’t how to resolve this problem.

    I use Qt 5.12.9, gcc 8.4 and g++ 8.4 (if i take a newer version of Qt or gcc/g++ the compilation don't work because of the version).

    I try to compile this project since 25 days but it doesn’t work.
    I really need your help, if you have any idea or any questions !

    Thanks you very much !


    EDIT: when i open Qt and i open many files there are three messages nearly of the toolbar :

    1. the code model could not parse an included file, which might lead to incorrect completion and highlighting, for example.
    2. Multiple parse contexts are available for this file. Choose the preferred one from the editor toolbar.
    3. This file is not part of any project. The code model might have issues parsing this file properly.

    Maybe there is a link with the error on the terminal ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How did you install Qt ?
    How did you install the other dependencies ?

  • @SGaist Hi and thanks you for your answer !

    I install Qt with the link of the website and I use the MaintenanceTool
    In this exe, I choose the version of Qt (5.12.9) and I download the different components.
    For Mitk and the others, I use in the terminal the command cmake-gui :
    with the cmakefile of my teacher I choose the source folder and an empty build folder then I click configure -> configure -> generate and then I have many files in my build folder with a Makefile who is generate by the cmake.
    I do "make" on the terminal and then MITK, CTK etc. begin to be build.
    If something is missing, like the library called boost, I have an error in the compilation and I need to find the good package.
    But it is the compilation who generate MITK and the other dependencies.

    When I install, just for try the software, MITK in their website it works on my computer.
    So the link there is a problem with the link between MITK and Qt no ?

    EDIT: when i do qmake-v i got that : QMake version 3.1 Using Qt version 5.12.8 in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
    It is strange because I install Qt 5.12.9.
    I put the picture of what I have install with the maintenancetool. Capture d’écran du 2020-06-29 15-07-43.png

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