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How to create a function to choose a specific Label from many and edit it

  • I am trying to come up with a code that will simulate the state of Arduino ports. I have 8 labels, one per bit. I want to create a function that will allow me to choose one of the labels specifically and set it to either high or low and display it in the mainwindow.

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    @smolram What exactly is the problem? It is really not clear from your post.
    You already have 8 labels, right? Do you show them already in your UI?
    Or do you want to show one of these 8 labels? In this case why do you need 8 labels if you only show one?

  • @jsulm I already have the 8 labels created and shown in my UI. I am just trying to come up with a function the will edit one specific label out of the 8. Lets say I want to change Lable_3 to say High, so I want a function that will be able to choose Label_3 and set it to High. I know how to edit the labels I just don't know how to create a function to choose the label I want to and edit it. But I will be showing all 8 at the same time, but the function would be a quick way to choose one label and change the text.

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    @smolram Well, write a method which takes an index (0-7). Put pointers to your labels into a vector:

    QVector<QLabel*> labels;
    labels[0] = Label_0;
    void MyClass::editLabel(int index)
        // Check the index first - it should be in range 0..7

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