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How to generate .pro.user from command line?

  • I have a .pro file, and I want to generate an accompanying .pro.user file, without using qtcreator. Is there a way to generate the .pro.user file using 'qmake'? qmake with no options generates a Makfile from the .pro file, but the generated Makefile doesn't contain the 'moc' commands to build the moc_* files. I haven't been able to find a qmake option that will do this...


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    No, that file is Qt Creator specific an contains only information that pertains to Qt Creator.

    It has nothing to do with generating moc files.

    What is your exact issue ?

  • @SGaist - I want to build a Qt project using only command line tools, without the need to use qtcreator. This is proving to be a real struggle for me. First I developed my app with qtcreator and qmake - it builds fine. Now to test building without qtcreator I've copied my .cpp, .h, .qml, qml.qrc and .pro files to a separate directory. In that directory I type 'qmake' to generate a Makefile, but the project does not properly build. Comparing the Makefiles generated in the original (qtcreator) directory and the test (qmake-only) directory, there are many differences. In particular the original Makefile includes '-I /usr/local/include' in its compilation flags, but the test directory Makefile does not - one reason why building in the test directory fails.
    I assume I have not copied some file needed by qmake to build a working Makefile, but what?

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    Are you sure you are using the same qmake executable ?
    A recommandation is to always use the full path to the executable.

  • @SGaist - Yes, 'which qmake' shows I am using the same qmake in both cases.
    Looking for a clue, I opened qtcreator in the test directory, and get this error message:

    All settings files found in directory "/home/oreilly/projects/mb-system/MB-System/src/qttest/" were unsuitable for the current version of Qt Creator, for instance because they were written by an incompatible version of Qt Creator, or because a different settings path was used.

    So, why does qtcreator give this warning? I don't understand how it "knows" a different settings path was used. I am thinking this is one cause of my problem...

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    What errors are you getting ?

  • @SGaist - The Makefile generated by qmake in the test directory does not include /usr/local/include in its compilation flags, whereas the qmake-generated Makefile in the original directory does. So the compiler cannot find headers in /usr/local/include.

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    That's typically a folder that you should add to the INCLUDEPATH variable in your .pro file.

  • @SGaist - Thanks! How do I specify that "system" include directory in a platform-neutral way in the .pro file?

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  • @jsulm - I see, thank you @jsulm and @SGaist !

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