Qt exit code 3

  • I have a QtextEdit. To save all the characters that I insert on the edit block, I use a dynamic vector.
    It is built in the following way:

    std::vector<std::vector<symbol>> symbols

    The starting dimension is 1 for the interior vector and 1 for the exterior vector.
    symbol is a class:

    symbol(wchar_t ch, int siteId, int counter, const std::vector<int> &pos, bool verified=false);

    When I insert characters in a position that overcomes the dimension of the vector, I resize it, with the following method:

    void document::checkIndex(unsigned int i0, unsigned int i1) {
        double mult_fac=1.5;
            symbols[i0].resize((i1 + 1)*mult_fac, emptySymbol);

    The problem is that sometimes, when I continue to insert characters on my QTextEditBlock as in the following picture:
    WhatsApp Image 2020-04-16 at 10.50.43.jpeg
    my program crashed with the exit code3.
    I think that it a problem of memory allocation, but I can't solve it.

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    @Martinuccia_96 Not sure how your question is related to Qt.
    Did you use debugger to find out where exactly it crashes?
    Please do so and post the stacktrace after crash.

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