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QT - Using Node.js Server?

  • Hi, Im new to QT, I'm developing a cross platform mobile application using QT. I was contemplating on using node.js to set up a server to store the applications.
    Does anyone know is this possible to set up a node.js server and store the cross platform applications on this or should I set up the server in QT? This is a final year project so any input is greatly appreciated. The application is meant to run on Windows, Linux, Android(Necessites), Symbian, Meego, EPAD(Android tablet) and more.

    The application is also going to be talking to a mysql database which will be linked to a chrome web application. alternatively you can email me at dunphyft@hotmail.com or dunphyft@gmail.com.

  • Hey,
    I want to implement the same thing you said.
    I want to setup a server using node.js and wants to access the function on application made on QT
    actually my server is accessing database so i want to access the functions on server to access my database.
    I just want to you proceed in which way or which libraries you used on QT to implement this.
    Thanks in advance :)

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