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How to get customized titlebar in qml like steam own in linux

  • How to make the title bar different from gtk theme. For example, Steam has a customized on. I tried adding FramelessWindowHint and CustomizeWindowHint but the window is flickering and not going behind docks or window borders. I heard that there is a QStyleOptionTitleBar. But can I have steam like one with that. If it is not possible with qml or qt how they did it.


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    I have not seen steam on linux , however they might have use
    or something similar.
    or have hand made it.
    While this works ok for win
    I have not seen one for linux. Maybe due to all the different managers.

    Short story is. Qt do not draw the title bar so one can either totally fake it and draw all - and handle all min/max resize etc by
    manual code or if the Desktop/Manager supports it, use direct api extensions.