Qt Creator cmake project add application icon to Android application

  • I am developing an Android app using a cmake project created with Qt Creator. The application builds and runs fine on the target device (arm64-v8a). However the application uses the android standard application icon.

    I tried the following:
    I created a AndroidManifest.xml under Projects -> Build -> Build Android APK -> Create Templates. In the AndroidManifest.xml I chose my own icon. The AndroidManifest.xml together withg gradle files is saved in my project folder under android (e.g. android/AndroidManifest.xml). Furthermore I added it to the library in the CMakeLists.txt:

    add_library(Test SHARED

    However, the application icon does not change when the app is deployed on the phone (still uses the default android icon).

    How can I use a custom application icon (e.g. a .png image) using Qt Creator and cmake?

    I am using Qt 5.14.0 and Qt Creator 4.11.1.

  • I have similar issue. It seems that contents from ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR/res are not copied, and I need them to copy for splash screen, etc.

    If I copy them myself with this workaround:


    res contents does appear after cmake run, but once androiddeployqt runs (after build step), all these files disappear (being deleted?)!

  • Hi,

    I hope it's ok to still reply even though this topic is already a bit older.
    I had the same issue and this post came up while searching.

    After some more digging, I could solve the problem by setting the QT_ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR target property to the corresponding path.
    In my project, called "qtodo", this looks as follows:

            set_target_properties(qtodo PROPERTIES

    With this setting, androiddeployqt takes care of everything, including copying the files etc.
    I tried this with Qt6 (6.1.0).
    Just in case, the full CMakeLists.txt file is available at: https://github.com/ruedigergad/qtodo/blob/master/src/CMakeLists.txt

    Also, just in case, I found looking at the following files helpful, e.g.,:

    • <PATH_TO_QT_SDK>/android_x86_64/lib/cmake/Qt6Core/Qt6AndroidMacros.cmake
    • <PATH_TO_QT_SDK>/android_x86_64/lib/cmake/Qt6/QtPlatformAndroid.cmake

    I hope this is helpful.



  • Thank you Ruediger, you made my day. I've spent hours looking for this, The Qt/Android/cmake documentation is slightly lacking here.

  • @njeisecke Hi, how can we improve the Qt documentation on this topic?
    is where that info is located, but I see that there are other questions around this on the forums.
    perhaps a "Setting the App icon for your Qt for Android Application" Example could be linked from here https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/android.html ?
    would cover a bit of creator usage, CMake, and how deployment for Android works with Qt.

  • HI @leinad18 leinard 18, thanks for posting this. Did you manage to get this working in either qt 5 or qt 6?