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Debugging QML and OpenGL performance issues

  • Hello,

    We are using MeeGo IVI ux on Freescale iMX53 EVK and Sabre boards. On EVK we get decent performance with the ux and Qt hellogl_es2 example, 60-100 FPS using WGA (800x480) display. But on Sabre board using same kernel and userspace drivers and XGA (1024x768) display the FPS on hellogl_es2 drops to 2-8 FPS. If we change the framebuffer resolution to WGA (800x480) we get decent performance back. Also, if we run only hellogl_es2 and X without the IVI ux, then we also get the original 60 FPS with XGA resolution.

    Question is, how to debug this OpenGL ES2 related performance drop in QML applications?

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