Is it possible to make Image Viewer Application build using QT 4.0 to be cross platform?

  • I have built an Image Viewer application using QMainWindow and QWidget classes which is part of qt 4.0.
    The main limitation is rendering and basic operation like zoom and pan, will be done by an external library which expects window handle. I am able to sucessfully render the image.

    My question is, Can this be made a cross platform viewer that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux?

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    @Islam123786 Qt 4.0?!
    Why 4.0? This version is antique already and not supported anymore.
    If you want to use Qt4 then you should use the latest Qt4 version (4.8.7 I think).

    Back to your question: sure you can write a cross platform image viewer using Qt4/Qt5.

    "window handle" - this part is not cross platform, you will need to write platform dependant code for that.

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    Just as a note

    external library which expects window handle.

    So it all comes down to if that library is available on other platforms.

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