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Google requires change Development API in apps

  • Today I published my apps with 32/64 bit native code as Google required before. During this I have got warning message with request to change Google Development API from version 1 or 2 to version 3. It told this must be done before December. I saw this at first time and very surprise of so short time period. Nothing was said about any penalty if application won't change their Development API before red line. I do not use Development API directly. Therefore I do not understand clear - is this used by Google Services API which I use or it is used by Qt runtime Android support. Is anybody knowing this?

  • You just need to Go to GCP, find your project, find Google Android Developer API and change the version there. Or you can just disable the API if you don't use it. For example, my GCP project was automatically named Google Play Android Developer so yours might probably be the same.
    I can't see an option on my console probably because they removed it for new projects, but if your project is already using an old version, you probably will have a warning there as well.
    you can visit here for full details

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