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Beginner question: Model for a simple form?

  • My problem is a very typical one:
    I have a class in my backend, and need to make a form, where I do the data entry. For simplicity, lets assume, the model would consist of the folowing variables:

    string sampleInfo;
    string sampleCode;
    string volume;

    In reality, my model would contain more variables. What is the best way to update my backend class from qml? I don't want any Qt code in my backend class. Does it make sense to use an AbstractItemModel even if I will always only have one entry (I will never have a list of samples)? Also, is it even possible to use an abstractitemmodel outside of a listview?

    Or would it be better to make QObject derived wrapper class where I expose the variables as properties?

    Or other suggestions?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    It looks a bit like overkill to have a full model implementation for one object. Having a QObject wrapper makes more sense.

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