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Qt example (World Time Clock Plugin Example ) Notification Error :could not find the executable please specify one

  • Hi:

    I need to learn more about using the ready and written widget into my new mainwindows or widgets, So I have reached to Custom Widget Plugin by this link descriptions and for example, I need to run this example :
    World Time Clock Plugin Example
    The file worldtimeclockplugin.pro is :

    #! [0]
    QT          += widgets uiplugin
    #! [0]
    QTDIR_build {
    # This is only for the Qt build. Do not use externally. We mean it.
    PLUGIN_TYPE = designer
    PLUGIN_CLASS_NAME = WorldTimeClockPlugin
    CONFIG += install_ok
    } else {
    # Public example:
    TARGET      = $$qtLibraryTarget($$TARGET)
    #! [1]
    CONFIG     += plugin
    TEMPLATE    = lib
    #! [1]
    target.path = $$[QT_INSTALL_PLUGINS]/designer
    #target.path =/home/so/Qt/5.12.3/gcc_64/plugins/designer
    INSTALLS += target
    #! [2]
    HEADERS     = worldtimeclock.h \
    SOURCES     = worldtimeclock.cpp \
    #! [2]

    alt text

    of Qt, but when i want to run it via relase mode i get The Could not find the executable please specify one notification :

    alt text

    So I found this instruction to solve this problem :

    It should be compiled that the plugin is not an executable file, so qt
    can't find a file that can be executed. The solution is: Solution

    Only "build" does not "run", in general, in order not to pollute the
    source code, a build folder will be created to store the compiled
    code, and then used in the build folder.

    Sudo make install

    now i went to the release folder :


    and I do sudo make install, I get this output:

    /home/so/Qt/5.12.3/gcc_64/bin/qmake -install qinstall -exe libworldtimeclockplugin.so /home/so/Qt/5.12.3/gcc_64/plugins/designer/libworldtimeclockplugin.so
    strip --strip-unneeded /home/so/Qt/5.12.3/gcc_64/plugins/designer/libworldtimeclockplugin.so

    It has created the libworldtimeclockplugin.so file and the folder is shown below:

    alt text

    but again I have the already notification.

    What should I do? how can I solve this problem?

    My stackoverflow question link is:


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @SoheilSabz If you're creating a plug-in for designer then you need to copy the final plug-in library to the same location where other designer plug--ins are. Also, you have to use same Qt version which was used to build your version of designer.

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