Cross-platform programming with QtQuick

  • Hello to all,

    My question is about what QML is so popular because of and that is its being cross-platform. But my question is at what price!?

    For example, can a QML programmer create Android apps (using QML on Qt Creator) to be comparable with other similar Android apps created by Java (on Android Studio)?

    How about QML apps for iOS when compared to the similar ones created by Swift?

    You may ask from what perspective?

    My intention are:

    • Design: Design and appearance is very important when we look at and use a website or an application.

    • Speed: After appearance, speed is very valuable for the users/customers.

    • Doing the task: The last is the actual task the mobile app is to do so that users are satisfied and pleasant when working with it.

    So does QML support all of the above, really?

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    What do you mean by "to be compatible with other similar apps" ?

    The goal here is to share as much possible code between platforms and then only specialise a few bits if needed.

    Design: it depends on your app and what it does. You have to be more specific.
    Speed: You will usually build your GUI with QtQuick and for crunching numbers use C++.
    Doing the task: this will depend on how you implement said task.

    QtQuick provides a set of control that should look native so your application should look native on all platform you are targeting. You can create your own controls when needed.

  • On the Design: I mean the appearance of all new apps which look modern like social media ones for example.

    I didn’t get “for crunching numbers”, did you mean “for speed/performance” or “to look more native”

    Also I meant “comparable”, “compatible” was a typo, sorry.

    Now, do you think if the programmer is expert or skillful well, he can create Android and iOS apps using QML as perfect as the ones created by Java and Swift, respectively?

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    Do you mean something Twitter like with a vertical list of items ?

  • @SGaist

    I don't use Twitter and don’t know how it looks.
    I don’t mean a specific app; I mean QML apps to be as modern in both functioning and appearance as though they’re created by swift and java.

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    That's one of the main goals of Qt: provide you with the tools that allow you to create native looking applications.

  • @SGaist

    Thank you. The problem is being solved and finished.
    This last question: for the sake of being native in both functioning and appearance we are recommended to code the appearance, (what we see when working with the app, front-end) using QML and code the real work in C++ (back-end). Is it right.

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