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Qt OpenGl error

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    I'm using Qt for an OpenGL based image rendering GUI application. The application is running properly. But, when I try to deploy the application in a system which contains one of the latest graphics cards with recent OpenGL support, my application GUI showing a white screen only. The debug log shows the error message as shown in the attached screenshot. My understanding is that the issue is in OpenGL setting in Qt. Please help me to solve the issue?

    I found a few solutions in Qt forums, to set with "configure -opengl desktop" configure -opengl es2 -no-angle configure -opengl dynamic
    I don't know where to add this configure command. I tried to insert in my project .pro file but it showing an error. Also tried to set in command line arguments in Run and Additional arguments in Build, but errors occurring in qmake.
    How can use these configure scripts? where I have to add these scripts?
    I'm using windows 10, msvc2015, Qt 5.12.0, Qt creator 4.9.1

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    It's talking about the configure script for building Qt. It's not related to project management.

  • Ok, Thanks for the answer.
    Do you have any idea about the error in the attached screenshot?
    Is it related to Qt OpenGl?

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    Yes it is. What kind of OpenGL context are you trying to use ?

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