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Creating Timer based on external time source

  • Hi I need to implement timers where I need to stop the timers and call the callback functions
    based on the external timer source.

    There is some other functions which will set the time by calling an interface API every 25 ms.

    My QT code is a DLL

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    Hi @Ayush-Gupta,

    I've read your post several times, but honestly I don't get your problem.

    Can you please explain your problem a bit more in detail? Who is calling what and when? And what does it have to do with Qt?


  • @aha_1980 There is one application which use to set time in my QT application.

    My QT application is GUI will be act as dll. So the external application will set the time in my QT application using one interface say setTimefromApp(uint milliseconds).

    So I need to implement timers based on the time set by external Application.

    Suppose time set by external application is fast than normal clock hence. The callback needs be called based if the time in set by external application is passed.

    Means time set in external application is running fast.

    Suppose creating a time MyTimer and its implementation will set to some callbacks/ list of timeouts
    which will be iterated over in the function setTimefromApp(uint milliseconds).

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    Does that mean the system time does not change but the time in your app changes?

    To me that sounds like a rather bad design which can lead to a lot of complication.

    I'm not sure if you will be able to use the existing Qt timers then.

  • Application time which is launching QT application is moving faster than normal clock. Hence I need to run those timers with same pace with which application is running hence I am not in position to use QT Timers

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    Can you explain a bit more about that faster time in your application ?

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