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How to get docs into prefix build [5.12] [win32-g++]

  • Dear folks,

    I am trying to build Qt 5.12 with documentation and examples for MinGW Windows, but am despairing because the output directory does not contain the "doc" folder content.

    Here is how it is being built:

    REM NOTE: src32 path was used in 5.12 because of a gcc compiler bug that prevented compilation on x86 in qrandom.cpp
    set SOURCES=D:\temp\src32
    set OUTPUT=D:\Libs\qt\5.12\mingw64\x86
    set LLVM_INSTALL_DIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\LLVM
    set PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\mingw_w64_posix_sjlj_8_1_0\bin;%LLVM_INSTALL_DIR%\bin;%PATH%
    SET PATH="C:\Python34_x64";%PATH%
    SET PATH="C:\Perl64\bin";%PATH%
    mkdir "%OUTPUT%"
    cd /D "%SOURCES%"
    mingw32-make.exe distclean
    CALL "configure.bat" -prefix "%OUTPUT%" -debug-and-release -platform win32-g++ -opensource -confirm-license -opengl desktop -skip qtwebengine -sql-mysql -sql-psql -sql-odbc -sql-oci MYSQL_INCDIR="D:\Dependencies\mysql-x86\include" MYSQL_LIBDIR="D:\Dependencies\mysql-x86\lib" OCI_INCDIR="D:\Dependencies\oci-x86\instantclient_18_5\sdk\include" OCI_LIBDIR="D:\Dependencies\oci-x86\instantclient_18_5\sdk\lib\msvc" OCI_PREFIX="D:\Dependencies\oci-x86\instantclient_18_5\sdk" PSQL_INCDIR="D:\Dependencies\psql-x86\pgsql\include" PSQL_LIBDIR="D:\Dependencies\psql-x86\pgsql\lib"
    REM -recheck-all Option to recheck for headers
    mingw32-make.exe -j 4
    mingw32-make.exe -j 4 module-qttools
    mingw32-make.exe -j 4 docs
    mingw32-make.exe -j 4 install

    Now, the src32\qtbase\doc directory contains data: qch files, but the output (prefix/install) directory "doc" subfolder only contains a "global" folder.

    Any ideas / am I missing something not described in ?

  • It seems like

    make install_docs

    does the trick, but where is this mentioned in the build documentation???

  • Qt Champions 2019

    @namezero111111 said in How to get docs into prefix build [5.12] [win32-g++]:

    but where is this mentioned in the build documentation???

    I guess it is here:
    "Shadow builds

    For shadow builds, the source directory and install directories are different and the global templates need to be moved to the install directories. To do so, run:

    cd qtbase
    make install_global_docs

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