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Qt Android built from source with "-force-debug-info -separate-debug-info" deploys *.debug libs with release apk!?

  • I am using fabric/crashlytics and in order to get symbolicated crash reports I need to provide unstripped libraries to crashlytics.
    It appears the Qt Online Installer does not include Debug Symbols for Android with the Option "Qt Debug Information Files" enabled.
    Because of that I build Qt from source with the additional configuration "-force-debug-info -separate-debug-info".

    After uploading my first apk's that way I got proper crash reports from crashlytics, but I noticed the apk doubled in size.
    It turns there is more stuff in "/assets/--Added-by-androiddeployqt--/".
    It contains compared to before an additional directory "plugins" and for every shared library there is also the unstripped library that gets deployed.

    Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug?

    I tried to use gradle packagingOptions{ exclude '**/*.debug' } to exclude the files from the apk, but without any success.
    Maybe there is some other workaround?

  • @MS_36 I "solved" this myself by moving all *.debug files (unstripped libraries) in the installation directory of Qt to another directory.
    It isnt a nice solution, but it works.

  • Hello @MS_36,
    Sorry for digging up an old topic. Did you manage to get this working?
    I mean Crashlytics + QT Android + NDK debug symbols?

    I've successfully connected my app with Crashlytics, but still I'm unable to upload debug symbols.
    What's your configuration in build.gradle file?

    crashlytics {
        enableNdk true
        androidNdkOut 'build/intermediates/rs/debug/obj'
        androidNdkLibsOut  'build/intermediates/jniLibs/debug'
        manifestPath 'AndroidManifest.xml'

    How did you setup androidNdkOut and androidNdkLibsOut variables?
    Thank you in advance for your response

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