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PyQt5: Changing current working directory and restoring, causes image loading bug.

  •     if not os.path.exists(self._workDir):
        curdir = QDir.currentPath()
        while self._renderQueue:
            queue = list(self._renderQueue)
            for document in queue:

    That's code of a thread that gets run before startup (and it also is used later, but new threads created).

    Anyway, I'm using QSplashScreen to load an image from /images and that works normally, but only when I change working directory (and then change it back) does it fail.

    My project structure is this:
    + images /
    + latex_svg/
    + ( main source code here in project dir)
    + ...
    The above self._workDir that I change to is latex_svg. So I'm assuming the system still thinks we're in there.

    I've tried both Python's os.chdir and PyQt5's QDir approach and both do the same thing.

  • you said thread, not process. different threads within an application will share the same process environment..IOW, the changing working directory is probably not thread-safe. if you truly need to do concurrent workers in different directories then either hardcode the complete paths correctly in your file operations or use instances of processes, not threads.

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    @enjoysmath You should check the return value of both setCurrent() calls and print out curdir and self._workDir.

    "but only when I change working directory (and then change it back) does it fail" - this is not clear to me. The first setCurrent call succeeds but the second fails?

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