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QtWS25 Call for Papers
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    @MrShawn said in Cannot load library libsocketcan, some functionality will not be available:

    Did you try read/write on the canbus? I remember seeing this issue and it still worked and was able to do everything I wanted to on the CANbus.

    Read/write OK. Worked.

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    Cleiton BuenoC

    @Saman19 said in Qt on MarsBoard, Cross compile error, Socket can fd:

    Note: QtSerialBus: Newer kernel needed for flexible data-rate frame support (canfd_frame).

    It does not seem to me a problem but an informative note.

    If you do not use CAN, check:

    Is Kernel Network CAN enabled? Something like: Networking support ---> <M> CAN bus subsystem support ---> --- CAN bus subsystem support <M> Raw CAN Protocol (raw access with CAN-ID filtering) <M> Broadcast Manager CAN Protocol (with content filtering) CAN Device Drivers ---> <M> Virtual Local CAN Interface (vcan) <M> Platform CAN drivers with Netlink support

    Mandatory, because under the kernel is the SocketCAN that handles this.

    Install the can-utils package

    It is necessary to include / install QtSerialPort, not for CAN but for ModBus that is part of QtSerialBus.

    Cleiton Bueno

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The module being pretty new (maybe even technical preview), I'd recommend posting this question on the interest mailing list. You'll find there QtCanBus developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.