@ambershark @mranger90 I saw your code, There is a major difference between the way you are running the application and I am running the application. If I run the application as a qml application, the application runs well. No problem at all. However, I am trying to run it the way a scripting language should work or what I expect it to work. I am running the main.qml without including in the Resources. I want to be able to do that at run time. Including it in Resources defeats the purpose. Secondly, I am running the qml through the mainform.cpp at runtime. So Ideally i want to select the qml file to run and then run it. Which works as far as running the qml is concerned. However, when it comes to interaction of the testing.cpp and the qml, that does not work. I have attached the zip of the complete project in qtcreator FYI. [0_1536639580948_scripttest1.zip](Uploading 100%)