C++ and QML : Using QDeclarativeEngine instead of QDeclarativeView

  • I'm trying to use the QDeclarativeEngine to create my view instead of the QDeclarativeView, but the view doesn't appear. The examples in the doc always describe something like this :

    QDeclarativeEngine engine;
    QDeclarativeContext *windowContext = new QDeclarativeContext(engine.rootContext());
    windowContext->setContextProperty("backgroundColor", QColor(Qt::yellow));

    QDeclarativeComponent component(&engine, "main.qml");
    QObject *window = component.create(windowContext);


    Do I need to put the window QObject in a QGraphicsView also ? or Am I doing something wrong ?

    Thanks for your help

  • QDeclarativeEngine and QDeclarativeView are not equivalent.

    QDeclarativeView inherits QGraphicsView and encapsulates a QGraphicsScene, QDeclarativeEngine, creates a context. So, QDeclarativeView is a convenience class which creates the basic structure so you can easily display a qml file with a single setSource().

    Answering your question: You need to put this window object in a QGraphicsScene as described in "this part of the docs":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/qml-integration.html#integrating-with-a-qgraphicsview-based-ui . Attention to the qobject_cast to QGraphicsObject.

  • Thanks !

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