QtCreator - Clang Code Model Version

  • Hello there,
    Is there a way to know which clang version within QtCreator is compiling the code?

    When compiling with clang there are usually the macros clang, clang_major, clang_minor and clang_patchlevel.

    But when compiling withing QtCreator using the Clang Code Model for showing the Annotations, then those macros aren't defined.
    I'm using the Q_CREATOR_RUN macro instead of clang as commented here https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-16847, but is this reliable enough on the long term?
    What if in the future QtCreator will user another code model instead of clang while still defining the Q_CREATOR_RUN macro?
    And which version has the clang code model version used by the QtCreator Clang plugin?

    About the use case, think about a library maintainer that needs to deactivate certain warnings within specific code sections, especially macros that are then used by the client application of the library showing unwanted Annotations.

    Thank you,