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QTableView Horizontalheader loop error.

  • If you change the size of the HorizontalHeader with two columns, you have a sectionResize signal synchronized so that the VerticalHeader's Hegith changes to match the transformed column.

    However, if you change the size of the TableView and it reaches the size of the Vertical ScrollBar, it will end up in an infinite loop. Do you have a solution?

  • @Pada_

    Which Qt lib version are you using on which OS?

    Can you provide a minimum example to highlighting the issue?

  • @koahnig

    Qt version uses 5.4. There is no example. Sorry.

    As the table view shrinks or stretches, resizing the table view header column section causes an infinite loop if a scroll bar occurs in that section.

  • I might be missing something but this looks like a bug in your code that can't manage the sizing once the scrollbars are shown. Doesn't sound like a problem in Qt

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