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Qt Debugger hangs when starting debugging process

  • Hello,

    im developing a Qt GUI app and suddenly im having problem with the debugger in Qt Creator . Concretely the Debugger freezes.... Before having problems i have enabled the cl.exe compiler in order to be able to compile my cpp client application in VS 2017 community edition. Could this probably negatively affect the performance of QtCreator Debugger ? i don't know what to do ... can you please help .. ?

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    Creator do not have its own debugger. it uses the one from visual studio. (if installed)
    Normally one must install the debugging tools for visual studio to have something to use in
    What version of Creator are you using ?

  • @mrjj Hi , im using Qt Creator 4.8.0 . I didn't have problems with debugging until today. As i mentioned the only thing i did today is enabling the cl.exe on my Windows 10 in order to be able to compile through the command line... !

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    Ok that is a bit odd.
    How did you "enable cl.exe" ?
    I wonder if you adding something to PATH or anything that Creator could pick up on.

  • @mrjj i ran the following two batch files in order to initialize the environment - vcvars64.bat vcvars32.bat. After that i did the common process adding a new environmental variable to windows 10 in order to call cl.exe from any path.. that's it nothing else .. driving me nuts ..

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    I would try to romove that new environmental variable.
    Reboot windows
    and check if Creator still had the issue.

  • I know it is an old topic but I think my personal experience could be useful for someone having the same issue. I had the same exact issue, and I discovered it was a Firewall problem, Qt creator was in my exclusion list. When i removed it from the exclusion list the debugger started working again. Hope this can help other people facing the same issue.

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