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  • Hi, I am building a Qt application on MAC OS 10.6.2 using Qt-4.7.
    In my application I am using QFileSystemWatcher.
    I am keeping a watch on three files, whenever a file is edited or removed, the application displays a file change message, but the very next time when I make some changes in the file, application does not notify about modifications(watcher does not keep watch on the files from 2nd time onwards).Below is my code,

    void startwatch()
    QFileSystemWatcher *wtch = new QFileSystemWatcher;



    what should I do to make the wtch object keep sensing the respective files continuously, what would be the solution for this?

  • Do you have a testcase? It's likely to be a bug.

  • No. I dont have any testcases.
    So whats the solution for this problem?
    Is there any other way to keep a watch on the files on MAC?

  • Hi,

    File a bug on bugs.pyside.org, it's the better way to have feedback about strange PySIde behaviors.

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