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create listView with certain items from array

  • Hello!

    I am trying to create a listView of names on selected calendar date(s), which if the date in the calendar matches, will display the userName in the listView;

    My array is created from a firebase read on userLogin, and using the for loop and image visibility i am adding a marker to dates in the array, how could i amend the loop or what would i add to as my ListModel to show this?

    I have tried many variations of things such as

    List View {
        model: arrayFromFireBase
            delegate: Text {text: modelData.name } }

    But am struggling to get it working! below is the code which applies to adding the date marker to my calendar, I am wondering if I need to alter the loop to apply to the name property also as my array looks like [{"name":"Edward","date":"2018-06-12"},{"name":"Dave","date":"2018-09-10"},{"name":"Tom","date":"2018-06-12"}] in the console. from This on the 6/12/18 there would be two names in the listView (Edward&Tom), whereas just the one name (Dave) on the 10/9

    Any help would be amazing!!!


        App {
        property var arrayFromFireBase: []
         onLoggedIn:  {
          firebaseDb.getUserValue("dates/selectedDates", {},
                                        function(success, key, value) {
                                        if(success) {
                                             for(var idx in value)
                                                arrayFromFireBase.push(new Date(value[idx].date).getTime())
        Page {
        AppButton {
              id: saveButton
              text: "Save & Request"
                  onClicked: {
                      userData.selectedDates.push({"date": calendar.selectedDate});
                      firebaseDb.setUserValue("dates", userData)
        property var userData: { 
                "selectedDates": [{}]
        Image {
           visible: arrayFromFireBase.indexOf(styleData.date.getTime()) > -1