Override default copy/paste from QTextEdit

  • Hello,

    I have a main window that has a QTextEdit and 3 QAction (copy, cut and paste), mapped on the default shortcuts (respectively ctrl+c, ctrl+x and ctrl+v). The goal of the actions is to copy/paste the contents of the QTextEdit, but with extra-work (the contents is copied as text/plain and application/json MIME types).

    However, QTextEdit already implements its own copy/paste functions, with the same shortcuts. When I hit ctrl+c, it is always the QTextEdit copy function that is used, instead of mine (so there is no application/json in the clipboard...).

    How can I change this behavior, and use my functions instead? I saw that there is a QEvent::ShortcutOverride event, but I don't know how to use it... can I use it in an QObject::eventFilter() function? Or should I inherit from QTextEdit and override its QWidget::keyPressEvent() method?

    The best for me would be to totally disconnect the default copy/paste from the QTextEdit and use only mine. I can inherit and try to mess up with the class (but how?), but the best solution would be that it works even with polymorphism (but the slots are not virtual).

    Thanks for your help :)

    edit: QTextEdit::createMimeDataFromSelection() is not an option for me as I also have a QLineEdit and I'd like the same behavior with it (to not use its default copy/paste functions).

  • You can use QTextEdit::actions to retrieve the list of actions already with the widget, then you can use QTextEdit::removeAction/QTextEdit::addAction to remove the old one and add your custom ones

  • Bien vu !

    I missed this function during my search... I'll try tomorrow and update this thread accordingly.

    Thanks :)

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't seems to work... actions() returns me an empty list.

    I think I'll go for QTextEdit::createMimeDataFromSelection() because otherwise I won't be able to deal with drag & drop (I didn't think about it :/ )

    Thanks anyway!