Planned maintenance has been done but it did not solve the problem. So work will continue on this and a new time for trying updates will be announced asap.

QWebEngineView - Disable auto word-wrap of tooltip (title)

  • I've noticed that the text of tooltip is auto wrapped in QWebEngineView. I tried to modify CSS so as to disable the word-wrap, but it doesn't work. On Chrome I don't have this problem.
    Here's some screenshots :
    QWebEngineView :
    Chrome :

    I'm using QWebEngineView::setHtml to display a local Html file.

    Is there a way to fix this ?

  • @SamurayH
    Show the CSS you tried, just in case?

  • This is the Html:

    <div id="fullSc" class="tBB" title="FullScreen (Alt + F11)" onclick="fullSc(this);"><span></span></div>

    And here's the CSS :

    .tBB {
         font-family: IconFont;
         white-space:pre; // I tried this because it works with QTooltip (rich text)
                          // even if it will affect the div content only, and not its tooltip
         transition: .5s;

  • I've decided to report this issue as a bug here.
    Was you able to reproduce the issue ?