qt not recognizing javac

  • In trying to build the c++ application littlenavmap, I get the error:
    :-1: error: error: ..\littlenavmap\customize\icons.zip: Java compiler not installed on this system
    Java compiler has been installed but the error remains. Could you please help resolve this?

    Thank you

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    Where exactly is it installed ?
    Where exactly is javac called ?

    If you installed it after you configured you project, go to the Build part of the Project panel and check the PATH environment to see if you can find the folder where javac is in it.

  • @SGaist Thank you
    My bad. As i am still fumbling around in qt, I realized the .pro files somehow get overwritten or changed when i import projects or run qmake on them. Therefore replacing with the correct .pro file caused this error to disappear.

    But i still haven't been able to get the build up and running as it says there is an undefined reference, this is due to some mistake in setting up that I did. I am still stuck trying to figure it out

    Which is why i hoped if someone has already built littlenavmap on windows 7 with qt 5.11.2, I could seek their guidance

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    What undefined reference ?

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