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JIRA Integration

  • am very new to JIRA. Here is my requirement. I am involved in Desk-dot-com [EDIT: Link removed --JKSH] Integration with JIRA Cloud. There is app called as Custom Action: Following are the parameter

    1. URL: I need to pass the value to JIRA using this parameter

    2. Data: JSON Data with the Values.

    I Could not figure out this part:

    I hope I should write some webservice method in JIRA Tutorials [EDIT: Link removed --JKSH]. The URL should point the URL specified in Desk-dot-com [EDIT: Link removed --JKSH] and the method should accept the JSON Data.

    Once the method is called successfully from Desk-dot-com [EDIT: Link removed --JKSH], I can able to create/update JIRA issue.

    Please help with better solution.

    I am also confused with JIRA Cloud and JIRA Servers also. But the version I am using is JIRA Cloud.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Soujanyabargavi how is that related to Qt?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @aha_1980 Maybe that's because the Qt Project bug tracker is using JIRA. But could also be an attempt to lure people both on [EDIT: Domains removed --JKSH] which is the link behind the "JIRA Tutorial".

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