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Deploy Quick Controls without QML file

  • Documentation say - "Since Qt 5.2, the Qt Quick Controls JavaScript and QML files are embedded into the plugin using Qt resources (.qrc) for the QtQuick.Controls and QtQuick.Controls.Styles imports. It is only necessary to deploy the qtquickcontrolsplugin C++ library and its qmldir file found in the plugin directory qml/QtQuick/Controls". But I have tried to place only qtquickcontrolsplugin.dll and qmldir in subfolder of folder with my application and it doesn’t work. There was an error - "qrc:/QtQuick/Controls/Label.qml: No such file or directory". If I add all *.qml files from "qml/QtQuick/Controls" all work well.
    Is documentation wrong in that place?
    How I can deploy my application without QML files form "qml/QtQuick/Controls"?
    If it does't work in that way can I place qml files from "qml/QtQuick/Controls" to resources of my application?
    Is there no any opportunity to deploy application without qml files from Qt?

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    My Quick check. Since you are using the custom folder did you try to add the new path using addImportPath(...) ?

  • @dheerendra yes, I have tried addImportPath(...) but *.qml files from "qml/QtQuick/Controls" steel needs.

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem for deploying my application and "qml/QtQuick/controls.2." elements.

    • If I only copy dll and qmldir files, it's not working.

    • If I also copy qml files and I lanuch my application, some of them will be recompiled as qmlc (Menu MenuItem and ScollIndicator) and it works.

    • But If I'm copying direclty qmlrc, it will not worked either.

  • I have exactly the same problem here.
    Any news how to solve it?

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