Qt FileDownloader class adaptation for threading

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    I'm new to threads and Qt in general, so this question will probably seem like trivial to someone, sorry for that. So let's get to the point: I'm trying to adapt the (Qt example downloader class) to be used in a separate thread as part of a virtual proxy, so I modified it slightly in the following manner:

    // filedownloader.h
    class FileDownloader : public QObject
      FileDownloader() {}
      explicit FileDownloader(const QUrl& Url, QObject *parent = 0);
      virtual ~FileDownloader();
      QByteArray downloadedData() const;
      void downloaded();
     private slots:
      void startDownload();
      void fileDownloaded(QNetworkReply* pReply);
      QUrl imageUrl;
      QNetworkAccessManager m_WebCtrl;
      QByteArray m_DownloadedData;
    // filedownloader.cpp
    FileDownloader::FileDownloader(const QUrl& Url, QObject *parent) :
     QObject(parent), imageUrl{Url} {}
    FileDownloader::~FileDownloader() { }
    void FileDownloader::startDownload()
         &m_WebCtrl, SIGNAL (finished(QNetworkReply*)),
         this, SLOT (fileDownloaded(QNetworkReply*))
        QNetworkRequest request(imageUrl);
    // rest of the class definitions...

    I moved the contents of the constructor to a separate "startDownload" function (which is also a slot) and I try to use this class in the following manner:

    // trying to use downloader
     thread = new QThread();
     downloader = new FileDownloader(imageURL);
     connect(thread, SIGNAL(started()), downloader, SLOT(startDownload()));
     connect(downloader, SIGNAL(downloaded()), this, SLOT(loadImage()));
     connect(downloader, SIGNAL(downloaded()), thread, SLOT(quit()));
     connect(downloader, SIGNAL(downloaded()), downloader, SLOT(deleteLater()));
     connect(thread, SIGNAL(finished()), thread, SLOT(deleteLater()));

    The problem is that it doesn't work. At runtime I get the following error message:

    QObject: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread.
    (Parent is QNetworkAccessManager(0x7fe54c008858), parent's thread is QThread(0x564bee0a4910), current thread is QThread(0x564bee38d7c0)

    I went through it with the debugger, and the error is emitted while trying to execute the following line:

    // in startDownload() function:

    Could somebody give some suggestions how to make this work? I thought all the functions of this class would now be executed in a separate thread.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Since all QNetworkManager actions are already async in a separate thread there is no need for another thread here at all.

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