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OEM GUI elements, patterns—cheat-sheet'ish visual library?

  • Hello! I'm a non-technical designer, working on a project that has a QT dev building-out our frontend. We're doing our product in two releases: one, a very scrappy release just to get the functional product in front of auditors, and then a beta release. For the prior, our dev is using un-customised OEM GUI elements from the QT Builder... and then he's going to invest the time in making it look super-sweet, for the beta release.

    Question: Is there any kind of a visual library for me to browse outside the QT Builder, to see what these OEM GUI elements look and behave like? Making wireframes, and would prefer to hand the dev wires that spec what he can quickly build for this first release of ours.

    :) nina

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    You can check out the Qt Quick Controls 2 Gallery Example in Qt Creator. It shows all available components in one simple app.

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