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Qt Creator and Qt Desktop Application's Menus go invisible or missing

  • This is an issue I've been experiencing in Qt Creator itself, as well as any application created using Qt Creator. The MainWindow menubar's popup menus go invisible after the application has been open for a long period of time.

    You can click on the File menu and nothing will appear, however you can use the arrow keys or even use your cursor and hover over 'where the menu item would be' and click to execute. However the menu is not visible. Here is a screenshot after I've clicked on the file menu in Qt Creator.

    You can see the File menu does not display. Even right-click menus in the Projects panel do not show. However I can still right-click in the Code editor and those menus work as expected.

    Like i mentioned this issue has been around for several years, on multiple machines with different versions of Qt Creator. Does anyone else have exp or information about this?

    I'm currently experiencing this issue on Windows 7 and Windows 10 using Qt Creator 4.4.0 and in Applications built using 5.11.1 MinGW 32Bit


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    no, I have never seen this issue before. have you already searched

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