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Properties in event loop

  • As it sometimes turns for all of us I am having a couple of issues with my main event loop. I know this is recurring topic, somehow hard to find solutions right away.

    The application receives once per second information to plot and it has also some QTimers sending event for manipulation of different things and also on the plots. During the beginning all is working fine, but increasing time arrays are increasing all events are slowing down until one core is completely consumed. My guess is also that there are a couple of events backlogged.

    Therefore I am looking for some routines to get more insight into the current state of the event loop. Any suggestion in what I should look?

    I have found already a reference to "qGlobalPostedEventsCount" which is undocumented, but I see little help there.
    [edit: not in official header files and where found it is discouraged]

    Also I am not sure if the handling of events is always the same. E.g. most of us are aware that readyRead events from some sockets are ignored as long as the connected slots routine is executed. However, is that a standard feature that events from the same object are not duplicated in the event loop?