QtWebKit with OpenGL

  • Hi,

    I have an Qt/E with Webkit working on ARM platform. I have a Graphics plugin (QScreenDriverPlugin) which enables 2D display. I have used QtTestBrowser to validate.

    I also have OpenGL ES2, which is working with Demo QT OpenGL applications. We are using Simplegl plugin for getting the EGL context.

    I want to run the same QtTestBrowser with OpenGL. That means I would like to discard Raster display and instead display every thing using EGL Screen context. To do this:

    1. Do we have any thing which is already available (I tried with -graphicsbased option, which i didnt succeed)
    2. Should we do some modifications to get it working. Do we have any reference modifications?


  • You can change painter to QGLFramebufferObject and then render using it.

    QGLFramebufferObject *fbo = new QGLFramebufferObject();
    QPainter painter( fbo);

    Then you would probably need to add it to QGLWidget.
    That's my first idea.

    or try:

    QGraphicsScene scene;
    QGraphicsView view(&scene);
    QGLWidget viewport(&view);
    QGraphicsWebView wdg;

    I don't know will it help you but these are my first shoots.

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